Staff and Board


Sue Lee, Executive Director, (415) 391-1188 x102

Charlie Chin, Artist-in-Residence

Nolan Chow, Operations Manager, (415) 391-1188 x101

Amy Lam, Design and Communications, (415) 391-1188 x103

Lenora Lee, Programs Associate

Veronica Sese, Communications Associate, (415) 391-1188 x103

Francis Wong, Special Projects Manager

Pam Wong, Programs Coordinator, (415) 391-1188 x107

Johnson Zheng, Operations Assistant, (415) 391-1188 x109


Board of Directors

Erwin Tam, President and Treasurer

Elsie Lam, 1st Vice President

Doug Chan, Esq., 2nd Vice President

Liana Koehler, Secretary

Jane Chin

Nate Gong

Cindy Hu

Danielle Lam

Steven Lei

Brian Yee

Jonathan H.X. Lee, H&P Editor-in-Chief

Jeffrey P. Woo, Legal Counsel

Phillip P. Choy, Board Emeritus

Connie Young Yu, Board Emeritus