Experience our History Alive! Programs

Students get the opportunity to interact with a living personage that provides an eyewitness account of historical events.  These characters will retell their life stories and engage audiences in a rich portrait of the Chinese American experience.

Each presentation is in the traditional Chatauquan format, the presenter will speak about their life in character, then the audience will be allowed to ask questions of the character, and then the presenter will come out of character and answer questions. Read more here.

Chinese Storytelling (Beginning): K-3rd Grades

Hear stories from China that have traveled over the sea to America.  CHSA Artist-in-Residence and renowned storyteller Charlie Chin will entertain young children with stories and fables.  A performance of classic myths and legends in the traditional teahouse style.  Hear stories of heroes and heroines of China’s 4,000 year history.  30 minutes

Docent Tours

CHSA Museum offers a one-hour guided tour that includes an overview of Museum history and an interpretation of main exhibit, “The Chinese of America: Toward a More Perfect Union.” Guided tours can be adapted to the age and interests of your group. Guided group tours must be scheduled in advance.

Walking Tours

Tour the crowded streets and alleys of San Francisco Chinatown. You’ll learn about the historic and cultural development of this community and reasons of Chinatown’s distinctive architecture, and social significance of the neighborhood. Tours last for 60 minutes. Walking tours are available for groups 10 or more. If you’re not part of a group but would still like to participate in a walking tour, please check out our events page for drop-in walking tours.

Scheduling Information

If you would like to schedule performance for a school group, complete the online reservations form, email us at or call (415) 391-1188 x101.

Educational Resources

Historical timeline of San Francisco’s Chinatown from 1906-2006.  Please use this citation in your bibliography. Chinatown Rising: Since the Quake. San Francisco, CA: Chinese Historical Society of America, 2006.

Images are from Judy Yung’s San Francisco’s Chinatown. Timeline researched and created by Him Mark Lai and Philip Choy.

Click here for Chinatown Rising Timeline