Museum Brochures and Guides
The CHSA Museum Visitors Guide provides an overview of the museum’s exhibits and programs, and includes a map of our museum.

Art Tells History at CHSA is a guide to the artwork and creative installations in our galleries that present stories of our community and its cultural journey.
Architecture of Chinatown

Download a copy of a Walking Tour of Chinatown Map to enjoy the architectural marvels of the neighborhood.

Timeline of Milestones

Historians, Him Mark Lai and Philip Choy created this timeline that highlights select milestones of San Francisco’s Chinatown from 1906-2006. When referencing the timeline, use this citation: “Chinatown Rising: Since the Quake. San Francisco, CA: Chinese Historical Society of America, 2006.”

History Alive Uncle Toisan Supplement Curriculum

This curriculum guide is designed to supplement the Uncle Toisan performance that covers topics of Chinese Exclusion, immigration, citizenship, World War II, Civil Rights, and race issues in America. Each performance will differ, based on the educational levels of the audiences. These lessons may be used individually or as a unit.
History Alive Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Supplement Curriculum

This curriculum guide is designed to supplement the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen theater performances that cover themes of American democracy, Chinese Immigration, and Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s revolutionary activities.

Self-Guided Tour

Take a self-guided tour of the museum and learn intricate details of Chinese American history while completing a short worksheet.