Chinese American GI Project

The Chinese American G.I. Project

The mission of the Chinese American G.I Project is to preserve and share the stories through multimedia and national exhibitions highlighting the untold experiences of our Chinese American men and women who served  since the American Civil War. Our ongoing national work ensures that future generations have access to the little-known legacy of Chinese Americans in the military as a part of American history. Founders Montgomery Hom and Ron Chan believe that Chinese American Veterans must be recognized. “No Longer Silent, Ignored or Forgotten” has become our battle cry. For additional information on the Chinese American GI Project contact or visit:

Facebook Discussion Group on all things related to Chinese American service. Add your veteran tribute, find seminars and events, and little known stories of Chinese American service and sacrifice.

Chinatown To Battle Ground Exhibit is a dedicated site showcasing our touring exhibition including 300 artifacts and banners from the world’s largest private collection of Chinese American militaria, curated by Montgomery Hom.

Youtube Channel is a depository of videos including webinars, oral histories, film commissioned by the WWII Chinese American Congressional Gold Medal program and American Legion, plus much more to bring Chinese American veterans stories to light.

Fighting On All Fronts: Profiles Of WWII Chinese Americans From The Golden State 

The book honors and congratulates individual Chinese American WWII Veterans in recognition of the 75th Anniversary of the ending of WWII. Included in this commemorative book are personal stories of wartime experience and mementos to inspire a new generation to learn and appreciate the contributions and sacrifices made by these Vets to our nation and community

Book cover artwork courtesy of Russel G. Chong. This illustration features depictions of eight soldiers from the World War II era whose real-life stories appear in this 238-page fully illustrated color book.

Video Book Preview

Click their image for their stories of service and sacrifice

Pfc. Randall Ching

Margaret “Maggie” Gee

Seaman Jim L. Fown

Capt. Francis B. Wai

Sgt. Lend Lee

Lt. Wah Kau Kong

Cpl. Leon B. Yee

Cpl. George W. Chong

WWII Chinese American GI Events

Profiles of Service

Join us to experience our Chinese American Veterans in their own words as we honor men and women from all branches of service to share their wartime experiences and life advice for future generations.

Alfred Chan – Congressional Gold Medal Honoree Ceremony

On Veterans Day 2020, Alfred Chan (96), was presented the WWII Chinese American Congressional Gold Medal (CGM) by his son. Alfred, a US Navy Seabee, was stationed on Midway Island in 1944. He is dressed in a VFW jacket and cap reflecting his 50 year membership in the VFW East Bay Chinatown Post 3956. In this three minute video is a brief CGM backstory, the CGM presentation, Al’s medal ceremony and pictures in uniform. Plus foot locker Al built on Midway Island in 1945 as a Carpenters Mate to ship back his uniforms, and a piece of coral as a war memento.

Alfred Chan Tribute 

Randall Ching – WWII Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony

Private First Class, Randall Ching is the ONLY Chinese-American to have served in the ENTIRE famed 5th Ranger Bn. as a combat infantryman during WWII. Through his Ranger training, he became a feared fighting infantryman, especially with his knife fighting ability and marksmanship. From his initial combat engagement during the Normandy Beachhead Landing on Omaha Beach June 6, 1944 to the end of the war in October 1945, Randall served with the highest honors with Co. B of the 5th Ranger Battalion and earned two Bronze Star medals, Combat Infantry Badge, two Army Presidential Unit Citations, the French Croix de Guerre with Silver-Gilt Star, and most recently in 2020, Randall received the French Legion of Honor, Chevalier.

Kwong Y Yee – WWII Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony

Kwong Y. Yee served in Africa, India and in China with the famed Flying Tigers during WWII. Afterwards, he married, had his family and volunteered with the Yee Association and American Legion in NYC’s Chinatown for decades, holding executive positions at both organizations. He served proudly, loved his family and made many lifelong friends. Kwong passed away in April 2020 at age 97. He wanted to receive his Congressional Gold Medal in person but now will have to receive this prestigious award posthumously. This brief short video clip shows his Congressional Gold Medal Presentation Ceremony. Your family proudly honors you!

Kwong Y Tribute

Ming K Wong – WWII Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony

It is a great honor to receive the Congressional Gold Medal for my World War II service.

I was a teenager with an eighth-grade education in San Francisco Chinatown when I was drafted into the Army. My military experience provided me a chance to see the world, improve my English and contribute to the war effort.

After the war, I took advantage of the GI Bill to complete my high school education and receive an engineering degree from UC Berkeley. This education allowed me to work in the industries of space and nuclear technology and enjoy a comfortable family life.

Ming K Wong Tribute

Hoy You Lim – US Army, Private

At the age of 26, Private Hoy You Lim was the first Chinese American from Chicago to be killed in action during WWII. Private Lim only lived in the US for two years before being drafted, serving in the Army’s 5th Division, 11th Infantry. Private Lim was killed during the Northern France campaign outside Angers, France. Private Lim is not acknowledged in any official roster honoring Chinese American WWII Congressional Gold Medal recipients. Read more about his story by clicking on the right photo below.

Hoy You Lim Tribute

Michael Bow Lau Mar

Michael Bow Lau Mar immigrated to the US as a Paper Son in 1938. His young wife was a US citizen and taught him English. His livelihood was a waiter. Just before the US entered WWII, he lost his wife leaving a young son. Michael enlisted with the Merchant Marines and after training was assigned to Avalon. He was promoted to serve two captains and their families. During his two and a half years on Catalina he documented his service in a photo album with his own artwork. He learned how to cook American food. For the rest of his life Michael was known for his excellent Chinese and American cuisines. Before retiring he was part owner of a Chinese restaurant in the world famous Farmers Market.

VFW East Bay Chinatown Post #3956 50th Anniversary Journal (1958-2008)

This digital book is the Veterans of Foreign Wars East Bay Chinatown Post #3956, 50th Anniversary Commemorative Journal. It contains the Post’s history and biographies of many of its WWII members. From 1958 to 2009, Post 3956 served the Oakland Chinatown Community until its consolidation with the San Francisco Chinatown Post 4618. Today, this book, Post 3956 flag, and its memorabilia resides on display at the Overseas Chinese Museum (Jiangmen China) in remembrance of the Guandong Province origins of its members. The rich half a century history of service is dedicated to all its Veterans, families, friends and supporters.

Instructions To View This Flip Book

To view the book full screen click the three bars on the upper right hand corner. Then click on full screen. To turn the pages, click the right and left arrows on the side. When done, to get out of full screen, press esc on your keyboard.

VFW East Bay Chinatown Post #3956 Video Tribute

A six minute video history of the VFW Oakland Chinatown Post #3956. Narrated by its last Commander, Edward Yu. Produced by Christina Lim of KTEH in 2008. Included is a 50 year view of photographs of all the Post Commanders, dedication of the colors, founding of the Post, and chronicling the Post’s success in lobbying to open Chinese immigration of Veteran families.

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Meet the WWII Chinese American G.I. Team

As the 75th anniversary of the ending of World War II was approaching (and the postponement of the Congressional Gold Medal due to COVID-19) Monty saw the need to quickly honor our few surviving WWII Chinese American Veterans. Garnering support from the Chinese American Citizens Alliance, Chinese Historical Society of America, and the American Legion of San Francisco, our historical, momentous Chinese American Veterans celebration of the end of WWII in September 2020 became a reality. The ceremony holds the distinction of being a Department of Defense Commemorative Partner.

Monty marshaled a team of specialists and volunteers in the Bay Area and Los Angeles to help produce this major upcoming event. His creative vision is to bring a multimedia approach, a new short film documentary, virtual exhibition and retrospective commemorative book.

Montgomerys Background

Monty is an independent producer and a long time production and historical military subject matter specialist. Monty consults on many Hollywood film and TV productions. His work can be seen in the Academy Award nominated 20th Century Fox/Disney film,“Ford V. Ferrari”, a biopic of famed racing driver, Ken Miles and automotive legend, Carroll Shelby. His Emmy nominated PBS film, “We Served with Pride, The Chinese American Experience in WWII” will be relaunched as a new re-mastered version for its 20th anniversary in 2021.

As a young boy, hearing stories of an uncle who was a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne during the invasion of Normandy, kick-started his deep passion for researching and collecting artifacts, and data on Chinese Americans in WWII. Today, this collection is the largest, privately held grouping of its kind.

Monty is a native of San Francisco and currently lives and works in Los Angeles. His family first arrived in San Francisco in 1860. He is a descendant of a vetted, Chinese railroad worker. His wife, is a long serving United States Naval officer presently deployed in Northern Afghanistan.

Ron Chan – Co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer and Associate Producer  

Ron is instrumental in shaping the “go to market” strategy and marketing execution for the 75th Anniversary of the end of WWII, and producing the Chinese American G.I. Project. This includes content and direction of the webinar, online ceremony, digital exhibit, movie, book, website and all marketing / web materials. Ron’s passion for this project is to honor his father, Alfred Chan (97), WWII U.S. Navy Seabee, and Al’s 1300+ California Congressional Gold Medal comrades in arms.

Ron’s Veteran Support

  • Executive Director and Founder of the Bay Area Chinese Genealogy Group. Direct and moderate “Operation: WWII Chinese American G.I.”, a webinar with Montgomery Hom as keynote speaker. Plus panelists Major General William Chen, United States Army, (Ret) , and author / historian, Connie Young Yu.
  • Three time Honor Flight Volunteer, Lecturer and Leader. Ron recruits all Veterans for a fully funded excursion to Washington, D.C., visiting war memorials to honor their service. Ron especially focuses on finding Chinese American Vets, to assure they are equally recognized.
  • Veteran’s of Foreign Wars (VFW) Service Award for his many contributions to the East Bay Chinatown Post #3956, where his father Alfred, was a founding member and Post Commander. Ron also helped produce the Post’s 50th Anniversary (1958-2008) commemorative book.
  • Advisory Consultant to the Locke Foundation Oral History Project, interviewing Veterans to preserve their memories today, for the future.
  • Retired, Ron was a VP of Marketing in three companies, and held senior management positions in Silicon Valley. He was also on the Board of Directors of a local museum.

Evelyn Seto – Tribute Design Director

Evelyn and her siblings registered their and father and uncle to receive the­ir Congressional Medal of Honor and looked forward to the celebration. Since the formal medal ceremony in Washington has yet to be scheduled, the California CGM Committee felt that time was ticking. They realized that the upcoming 75th anniversary of the end of WWII would be a great opportunity to give the California Chinese American Veterans their overdue recognition with an online celebration. Ron Chan approached Evelyn to help them with providing design assistance for the tribute ads that will be part of the upcoming commemorative book, “WW II Chinese American GI, A Retrospective”.

Evelyn’s Background

Evelyn is a native of Los Angeles but calls the Bay Area home. She was an early participant in what is now known as Silicon Valley. She was the second designer hired at Atari’s art department and later found her niche in package design and branding at Atari’s Consumer Division. Evelyn’s early days of the video game industry has been captured in “The Art of Atari” by Tim Lapetino and “Women in Gaming, 100 Professionals of Play” by Meagan Marie”. She continued in design and product branding for hardware and software packaging for companies like Tonka Toys and Hewlett Packard. Evelyn rounded out her career “packaging” a city as the creative director for the San Jose Convention and Visitors Center to promote tourism and conventions to the city and the greater Bay Area.

Currently, Evelyn is working on a series of art pieces to honor our Chinese American experience including the contributions of the railroad workers. She pays tribute to her parent’s immigration journey to assimilate their family to best navigate life in their adopted country that has not always been welcoming. She’s become amerced in her parents’ history and genealogy and recognizes that their journey was challenging and unique to their great generation not in history books for the newer immigrants to appreciate.

    Please contact us with any questions online or at (415) 391-1188 x109. Thank you for your support!


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