CHSA applauds the unanimous passage of H. Res. 683 by the US House of Representatives apologizing for the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act. We are deeply appreciative of the author of this resolution, Representative Judy Chu, and her colleagues in the House. Together with the Senate resolution S.R. 201 introduced by Senators Dianne Feinstein and Scott Brown and passed last October, our Congress has led the way to a deeper examination into the impact that this injustice had on the Chinese community and its implications for American society as a whole. In so doing, a major step has been taken toward a better appreciation and awareness of the effects of the Exclusion Act.

CHSA also applauds the grassroots coalition of individuals and organizations that have made this possible, namely the 1882 Project. It is certainly a testament to the effectiveness of collective action. Moreover, we recognize that H. Res. 683 has come as part of a national process that has included local and state legislative bodies, such as the resolution by California’s Assembly in 2009 introduced by Assembly members Paul Fong and Kevin de Leon.

H. Res 683 is a great victory for justice in our nation! It also creates a significant opportunity to continue the momentum that we have built together as a community. The response to the information that CHSA has disseminated has been tremendous – thousands has viewed our landmark traveling exhibit Remembering 1882 in over two dozen venues throughout the nation from California to Texas to Virginia and Washington DC. The teaching moment created by H. Res. 683 will allow us all to reach even more people and engage the public in dialogue about this vital history. CHSA is proud to work with its partners and the public to contribute to the education that our community and society need to move forward toward a more just and fair nation.

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