Google Cultural Institute

The Chinese Historical Society of America (CHSA) has added 51 high resolution art works to the Google Cultural Institute, allowing people all over the world to explore their collection of historic images online.

To date, CHSA has contributed 51 photographs and archival material unique to Chinese American communities. These objects were selected to become part of the Google Cultural Institute for their significance in documenting how San Francisco Chinatown rose from the ashes of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire to become the most iconic Chinatown in the world. Today, SF Chinatown is major tourist attraction, visitor destination, residential neighborhood and a touchstone of Chinese America. The resolution of these images, combined with a custom built zoom viewer, allows history buffs to discover minute aspects of CHSA’s collection they may never have seen up close before.


CHSA has also recreated its traveling exhibit Earthquake: The Chinatown Story online at the Google Cultural Institute, making this important story more widely accessible to the public.

Please visit the Google Cultural Institute for more information and to explore the contributions from CHSA and other museums and cultural institutions.