Sue Lee. Photo by Palma You, CHSA, 2017.

Dear Friends,

I’m taking this opportunity to bid you farewell after more than 13 years of service to the Chinese Historical Society of America. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your shared commitment to the values of the organization.

Leaving is bittersweet—CHSA has given so much meaning to what I do, and I’m still sad about the passing of Phil Choy earlier this year. We shared a common vision for CHSA—to make our history matter and to give voice to our community.

I’m very proud of repositioning CHSA with the acquisition and installation of the Chinese American:Exclusion/Inclusion exhibition. I feel this project has helped to rebrand the organization as a national attraction during a challenging time. The country needs this organization and what we have to offer.

Pam Wong, CHSA Deputy Director

That said, I am very confident in the current staff who will carry on the stewardship of the Chinese American narrative. They are well-trained, committed and have demonstrated over the last 6 months that they are capable of working together as a team. We have been pleased with the community’s support. To all of you who have sustained CHSA’s work over the course of my time here, please continue to be generous in your support of Deputy Director Pam Wong and her staff.

While I may be stepping away, CHSA’s mission to promote the history of the Chinese in America continues. In this time of transition, please consider making a contribution, joining or renewing as a CHSA member, or becoming a sponsor of the museum and its ongoing programs.

I’m very touched by the many well wishes and accolades during this period. This past Tuesday’s commendation by Supervisor Katy Tang at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting meant a lot—not only for me, but for the recognition of the contributions of the entire community of people whose stories are integral to American history.

Left: Supervisor Katy Teng presents commendation to Sue Lee, June 27 2017. Right: Retirement celebration at CHSA June 9 2017.

Many thanks to those who were able to attend my retirement celebration earlier this month, and especially those who donated in my honor, including Peter Wiley, Russell Low, Gloria Tai, Paul Lee, Robert Lee, Patricia Tseng, & Elaine Varga. Now more than ever, we need the community to help us champion our history and its relevance to today.

Finally, know that I’ll still be around and will continue to be committed to preserve and advance the Chinese American narrative. I look forward to future collaborations with many of you.


Sue Lee