This new exhibition features Qing Dynasty children’s hats recently donated to the CHSA collection by Leslie Selcow in memory of Jade Snow Wong. The hats are impressive in their use of color, craftsmanship, sense of whimsy, and the symbolism contained in their design. There has long been a tradition in China to clothe children in fanciful hats and costumes during festivals such as the beloved Lunar New Year Festival. Come enjoy this fabulous new addition to CHSA’s collection of objects that serve as tangible reminders of our history and culture.

On View beginning February 7, 2013 in CHSA’s Main Gallery

Saturday, March 9, 1pm. Talk by Sally Leung
(author of Hidden Meanings in Chinese Children’s Clothing and Accessories) about understanding the symbols and motifs used in Qing Dynasty children’s hats. Followed by a reception with collector Leslie Selcow.