On the occasion of Him Mark Lai’s birthday, CHSA celebrates with HML’s just released new autobiography. Stop by the CHSA Museum bookstore to pick up a copy for $18 ($20 for non-members).

In his own words, the renowned Dean of Chinese American History shares the moving story of his life, beginning with his childhood through his career as an engineer to his evolution as a community activist and historian. He also provides an intimate portrait of a San Francisco Chinatown family and community developments from the Great Depression of the 1930s to the McCarthy era of the 1950s, through the Asian American Studies Movement of the 1970s, to the present.
According to UC Berkeley’s Professor Ling-chi Wang, HML’s rescue, collecting, cataloguing, preservation, and sharing of historical sources in both Chinese and English opened the field of Chinese American history to scholars and researchers in the US and across the Pacific. Generations of historians and writers have relied, and will continue to draw, upon HML’s insights & prodigious scholarship.

The editors worked with the UCLA Asian American Studies Center and CHSA to produce this posthumous volume, which features rare family portraits and supplementary research materials for students, scholars, and anyone interested in Asian American, American ethnic, and overseas Chinese history & life.

Edited by Judy Yung with Ruthanne Lum McCunn and Russell C. Leong. Foreward by John Kuo Wei-Tchen.