Actress needed for non-equity production with the working title, “I Want To Go To School.” The role of Mamie Tape, an Asian female, whose landmark case in 1885, Tape v. Hurley, an important part of American Civil Rights history, is being cast for a production that will visit schools and other venues in the Bay Area beginning in February 2014. The script is currently in production.

The play is in a “History Alive” format and has two actors. One is an adult Asian Male who will play the interviewer, and the other is an adult Asian Female, who will play the role of Mamie Tape. The production includes three sections; a scripted interview between the characters, a question and answer section with the audience, and finally a brief discussion about things the characters could not or would not have known. Total time for a presentation of the production is one hour. The audiences will range from elementary school to college and adult.

The actress will perform a character between the ages 30 and 50 years old (still being determined). Acting experience a plus but not a requirement as the production will train. The actors will be auditioned at the Chinese Historical Society of America Museum on dates to be announced. More than one actor will be needed for the role of Mamie Tape to fill performance schedules. Those actors accepted for the role will be rehearsed and directed by writer and director Charlie Chin. There will be flexibility on rehearsal time and performance dates but participants must make a commitment to rehearse and to perform on the dates scheduled. There will be a fee provided to the actor for performances of this work.

Please contact:
Charlie Chin
Chinese Historical Society of America
Or call Director at home between the hours of 8:00AM to 8:00PM (650) 579-7341