Dear CHSA community,

We would like to take this opportunity to shed light on a troubling situation that occurred near our premises. On Sunday, April 15, 2018, San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) investigated the homicide of a homeless individual that occurred overnight in Joice Alley. A former employee of CHSA had discovered the victim at 8:30am and immediately called 911. CHSA temporarily closed while police investigated the scene. We are shocked by this horrifying incident, and we mourn the loss of life of the victim.

On Wednesday, April 18, CHSA and neighboring residents and organizations in the Joice Alley neighborhood met with SFPD Central Police Station Captain Paul Yep for a public safety briefing and an update on the status of the current investigation. Captain Yep stressed that this was an extremely rare and isolated incident. We have been assured that SFPD’s highest priority is apprehending the person responsible. We will remain in contact with SFPD and our neighbors as the investigation continues. Due to the nature of the ongoing investigation, we will not comment further on the incident beyond what has already been publicly reported.

As the situation remains unresolved, we would like to remind everyone to be mindful of their surroundings while traveling through the neighborhood. Please do not hesitate to dial 911 or contact SFPD should you need immediate assistance. The nearest district police station to CHSA is Central Station. Here is how to contact the station:

766 Vallejo St.
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 315-2400
Emergency, dial: 911
Non-emergency, dial: (415) 553-0123
TIP LINE: (415) 392-2623

The safety of our museum patrons, staff members, and neighbors are our highest priority. In light of this incident, we are immediately reviewing our museum’s security protocols and considering security upgrades to improve safety both surrounding the museum and within the premises. We will continue to be in conversation with our neighbors and work with law enforcement to keep our neighborhood safe.