On September 2, 1911, the Revolutionary Treasury sent two teams across the country to speak and raise funds. Sun Yat-sen and Wong Won-Su took the northern route while the other team, consisting of Jung Oi Wong and C.S. Yook, traversed southern United States.Sun never completed his portion of the route. [The Qing Dynasty was overthrown on October 10, 1911.] Sun Yat-sen learned of the news on the 12th after he had arrived in Denver. He then hastened to leave for China via Europe and arrived in Shanghai, China on Christmas Day. On January 1, 1912, he was inaugurated as the Provisional President of the newly established Republic of China.

In the meantime, the Revolutionary Treasury continued to raise funds, and by the year’s end . . . more than $140,000 (which is equivalent to $3,540,600 today) had been raised.

Source: Lai, Him Mark. “A Memorable Day 70 Years Ago.” CHSA Bulletin, Oct.-Nov. 1981