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The Chinese Historical Society of America offers educators classroom resources that they can use before, during, or after their visit to the museum.

The curriculum guide listed below contain resources related to Chinese American Exclusion/Inclusion or Towards Equality: California’s Chinese American Women

Chinese American: Exclusion/Inclusion Curriculum Guide

Chinese American: Exclusion/Inclusion Curriculum Guide

These classroom materials provide an abundance of information for educators who are teaching about immigration policies, the Chinese American experience, or the Chinese Exclusion laws. Here are some helpful tips in regards to navigating this resource.

This classroom material guide is divided into topics:

  • The “Chinese Question” (from 1784- 1882) starts on page 14
  • The Exclusion Period (from 1882-1943) starts on page 21
  • A Journey of Unforgetting (from 1943- present) starts on page 28
  • To access the printable resources (photographs, painting reproductions, letters, etc.) go to page 89.

The Table of Content titles within the pdf are all clickable. To access a particular section, click on the the title and it will jump straight to the page.

Towards Equality: California’s Chinese American Women Curriculum Guide

CHSA’s new exhibition Towards Equality: California’s Chinese American Women highlights their accomplishments in education, politics, finance, business, and their pivotal role as matriarchs. Our companion curriculum guide meets Common Core State Standards for K-12 educators. Lesson plans will help teachers integrate Chinese American women into their lessons.

Other resources for exploring Chinatown:

Based on information from San Francisco Chinatown: A Guide to Its History and Architecture (2012) by Philip Choy

Chinatown Architecture Walking Tour Map

A map featuring nine renowned San Francisco Chinatown establishments and their culinary legacy to the Chinese American community.

The Local Food History of San Francisco Chinatown

Please use this citation in your bibliography: “Chinatown Rising: Since the Quake. San Francisco, CA: Chinese Historical Society of America, 2006.” Images are from Judy Yung’s San Francisco’s Chinatown. Timeline researched and created by Him Mark Lai and Philip Choy.

Historical timeline of San Francisco’s Chinatown from 1906-2006

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