The excitement surrounding our many programs and exhibits is both consuming and costly. As a small non-profit, every single dollar counts. Your support as a member would be very welcome going into a year where CHSA direly needs your help.

Inspired by the Jake Lee Heritage Paintings, a series of engaging programs are being planned that draw the parallel between history and art. Your support will allow us continue promoting our powerful histories.

Next year also marks the 10th anniversary of the CHSAMuseum in the landmark Julia Morgan-designed YWCA building. Our architectural jewel has stood through eight decades and will continue to hold our treasures for years to come. This will only be possible with your help!

We also invite you to make a year-end donation of $1,000/$2,500/$5,000 or more. Employer-matches are especially welcome! All contributions are tax deductible (federal tax ID #94-67122446).